Letters Of Thanks

Caryn Newell, July 10, 2018

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all at Heathfield for the exceptional care they are providing to my Mum.

A couple of weeks ago, Mum was taken to A&E with a chest infection. The doctor who treated Mum said that the paperwork provided by theh home was the best that she had seen. This together with the fact that they had picked up the infection so quickly meant they were confident enough to send Mum home to be treated instead of keeping her in hospital. I am sure that Mum has recovered from the infection much quicker as a result of this.

The ambulance crew who brought Mum back to the home told us that Heathfield is the best care home in the area, not just for the home itself, but from the perspective of the team and the care they provide.

Thank you

Caryn Newell

Mrs T Dabrowski, February 1, 2018

I am writing in praise and thanks for the care of my late mother who was a resident at Heathfield Court.

The decision to place our Mum into a nursing facility was a difficult and painful one to have to make when we could no longer meet her nursing and healthcare needs at home.

We had the good fortune of hearing about Heathfield Court and knew some of the management and care team. As soon as the doors were opened we moved Mum in and she was the first resident on the nursing floor.

From the moment of admission, Mum’s condition improved – she gained weight and began to say a few words, even managing a smile of recognition to one of her carers.

We have never looked back. Obviously the environment of a purpose-built new care home is conducive to good care, but we know it is the people, the leadership, and the ethos of an organisation which makes the difference.

This has certainly been in evidence throughout my Mother’s care there from the entire team. This is a team that has worked together in the pursuit of good care, and I can’t praise them highly enough. Indeed, it is hard to find the right words to express our gratitude.

As a nurse myself I found it very hard to entrust my mother to anyone else’s care, but once we had moved Mum I finally had peace of mind that she was safe and receiving the care she deserved and this became evident in her improvement.

The respect and dignified care given during the last stage of her life has left us with something priceless: an enduring final image of our Mum, beautifully dressed and cared for, pampered, at peace and looking beautiful. That image will stay with us and has helped us to recover and find peace and healing in what has been a very long and painful journey.

Heathfield Court is a home that doesn’t just care for its residents, but cares about them. You should all be proud of what you are providing at your home. We as a family are certainly forever thankful.

Kind regards
Mrs T Dabrowski

L S , January 24, 2018

First class establishment!

Well managed, clean and friendly. More than anything, the team is  fantastic. The care they gave my relative was exceptional, not once did I worry about her security and care.

I would highly recommend Heathfield Court, they go beyond any expectations and leave you confident that the care provided will be second to none.

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