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  • Nursing Care

    Government to double dementia research funding

    It has been announced that the UK will aim to double its yearly funding for dementia research, with the target figure for 2015 now £132m.

  • Lecture

    Study shows exercise is a method of preventing dementia

    Exercise has been uncovered as an effective method in the prevention of developing dementia, an interesting development which comes from a longitudinal study.

  • Old Hands

    G8 Summit should lead to further dementia research

    It is hoped that the current high numbers of dementia patients will become a major focus at next week’s G8 summit in London, after figures were released which suggest that the number of sufferers is expected to drastically increase in the coming years.

  • The Spinney Care Home Celebrates Staff Member’s 25th Anniversary

    Sue Avery Celebrates 25 Years at The Spinney

  • Claremont Court Open Day

    Claremont Court Open Day

    Claremont Court opened its doors to the local community