Case Studies See how we have improved our resident's quality of life

94-year-old Kay moved into Water Mill House in October 2014. She was not coping with living at home, had very limited mobility and had lost confidence.

When she first arrived at Water Mill, she was unable to bend and was very unsteady and slow on her feet, needing help with almost everything. To start with, Kay would rarely come out of her room and wouldn’t socialise with the other residents.

Yet, with gentle encouragement from Water Mill’s team of carers, Kay gradually gained enough confidence to start exercising in the home’s specialist fitness suite last November.

Tracy MacDonald, who works in the fitness suite at Water Mill, said: “Once we persuaded Kay to come to the gym I worked with her on a one-to-one basis, gradually helping her to build her strength – and with it her confidence. She is an amazing lady and now she is my top attendee at the gym!

“Using the recumbent stepper to strengthen her legs and knees, Kay started with 316 steps in 6 minutes and 14 seconds. By April this year, Kay had improved so much that she was achieving 1,833 steps in 15 minutes. Her stride, originally 12.9 was now 17.5. A huge improvement!”

Of her Water Mill experience, Kay herself said, “I used to be very independent and losing my mobility was really difficult for me and when I first came to Water Mill, I was just too nervous to do anything. But I am so thrilled that I was persuaded to use the gym and regain my strength. It’s made such a difference. Now I am much more active and that brings so many benefits”