Service Rating

At Heathfield Court Care Home we are committed to providing high quality care that is effective and responsive, delivered by an expert team that is well-led and supported in an environment that is safe and secure enabling residents to enjoy a better quality of life.

Here is what the Care Quality Commission (CQC) said about our home:

  • One person said, “I think the home is excellent quality. I enjoy living here. I like the view and some of us sit out in the garden. My room is amazing.”
  • Staff supported people in a way which was kind, caring, and respectful. Staff protected people’s privacy and dignity.
  • One person told us, “I couldn’t have better staff. Oh yes I feel safe.” Another person said, “Yes, I do trust the staff. I do feel safe, it is very secure here.” A relative said, “Staff are always there to help my loved one with anything that she needs. I trust them implicitly, I feel very safe with them.”
  • People received personalised care and support that met their needs. One person told us, “We really couldn’t be better treated, the staff treat us like royalty. I like it here.”
  • People were cared for by staff who were kind and caring. We observed staff communicating with people in a caring and compassionate manner throughout the time of our inspection. Staff took time to talk to people on a one to one basis, talking softly and in a dignified manner.
  • When people required support staff pro-actively engaged with them, using touch as a form of reassurance, by holding people’s hands, and by maintaining eye contact with them which was positively received.
  • People and their relatives told us that staff were kind and treated them with respect. One person told us, “Oh yes, I am definitely being well cared for otherwise I wouldn’t stay here.” Another person said, “Yes, the staff are very kind. They help you and they are there to support you if you need any help.” A third person mentioned, “I understand the qualification to work here is ‘kind’ and yes, the staff are kind.”